August 2007

Marge Piercy


Marge Piercy's The Crooked Inheritance, her 17th collection of poetry, came out from Knopf in November 2006, around the same time that the paperback of her most recent novel Sex Wars: A Novel of Gilded Age New York went into paperback publication at Harper Perennial. In February 2007, Schocken Books published Pesach for the Rest of Us: Making the Passover Seder Your Own. Her memoir, Sleeping with Cats, is also from Harper Perennial. Leapfrog Press has issued a CD of her political poems, Louder, We Can't Hear You Yet.

At ten I remember summers vast as Lake
Superior, stretching to the horizon
like wheat fields in Nebraska where
the aching eye seeks something
on the horizon to attach itself.

I remember periods in school
during which I grew an inch while
leaves opened from tight buds,
lengthened, turned crimson and fell
on the trees of my bored mind.

Every day had twenty-eight hours.
Now a day has only sixteen. Each
skinny hour is leaking minutes.
Even twenty years ago, I had
time enough to loll in now and then.

That was then. Now time runs
its buzzsaw through my brain.
I barely fit inside my days.
They pinch me fore and aft
hardly room to breathe.

I want time out. I want to stop
the whirring of the clock hands
like fans gone mad. My own age
confuses me. When did I stop
being young? Time sneaks

up on you like a bicycle messenger
bearing down fast on your back
about to send you sprawling
your chin on the pavement bleeding
and you'll never know what hit you.



Marge Piercy: Poetry
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