August 2008

Steven Ford Brown


Steven Ford Brown, writes on boxing for, folk and rock music for, and his work has appeared in The Christian Science Monitor, Harvard Review, Rolling Stone and BBC Radio. His recent book, Microgramas, by Jorge Carrera Andrade, was published in Quito, Ecuador. He lives in Boston and was recently in residence at the Swedish Writers' Union in Stockholm.

My System of Government    

I am the foolish accomplishment
of myself, an ego surrounded by
flesh and bone, singing the human

economy of living. I am the politician
of myself arguing with rogue political
parties that refuse to allow me to govern

in a democratic way. I assert to those
who will listen—friends and relatives—
I am a practical man, ruled by shining

principals, even if I am the benevolent
dictator of my own heart. Am I impoverished
or enriched by my system of government?

The sun rises to shine over the landscape
of my human endeavor, my foolish accomplishments,
the warring congress of my appetites.



Steven Ford Brown: Poetry
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