August 2008

Gretchen Primack


Gretchen Primack's publication credits include The Paris Review, Prairie Schooner, FIELD, New Orleans Review, Best New Poets 2006, and others. Her chapbook, The Slow Creaking of Planets (Finishing Line Press, 2007), has been shortlisted for several prizes. She lives in the Hudson Valley with a beloved human and many beloved animals, and teaches at Bard College and two local prisons through the Bard Prison Initiative.

Somewhere Along the Way    

A tuba floats in the arms of a man
in sneakers on wet cobbles, its shine
the color of frozen gasoline; a trumpet
sounds the sound of cream-yellow tulips
thrown wide open; firemen lean
on mailboxes, boys let go of each other
across from old women who play the radio
all day, and stained cooks smoking:
intake, exhale, like the brass
men, cheeks stuffed with candy,
sugar spun on air and tar
and bell, lips disappearing
into notes disappearing into black
slicks, memory, flicked ash;
music two seconds old bruising
the weather, three seconds old rich
as sugar thrown wide to the bowl of



Gretchen Primack: Poetry
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