August 2008

    ISSUE 40


  No. 3

"No. 3,"
from the Target and Body Series, 2006.
(46" x 29")
Mixed media on canvas.
Marie Pavlicek-Wehrli

I began using the symbol of a target in my paintings in 2006. Consciously present in my thinking were notions of surveillance and of battle, even the ways we, as citizens, are targeted. The perfection of the circle as a symbiol of containment and wholeness seemed at odds with these other associations. The target was not just one circle, but a series of circles leading the eye inward. In "No. 3," the presence of a figure is only hinted. The predominant gold of the painting's upper third suggests a spiritual presence, an association conjured by the presence of light. The image's irregular circular-like shapes, drawn in blue, green, and light orange are attempts at contrast with the target's regularized circles, creating the tension that keeps the eye moving, pulling the disparate elements together.

 Editor's Note

The Cortland Review is delighted that Issue 40 includes cover art, "No. 3" in a series titled "Target and Body," by Marie Pavlicek-Wehrli. In this piece, Marie locates the target in the region of the heart of the piece's hinted-at human image, allowing the paint to drip, as if it is dissolving or even bleeding. Look closely at the painting's first layer to discover, only barely visible, a field of text, written over and over, and you'll discover Psalm 51-David's plea for forgiveness. Painting over and over the words to Psalm 51, Marie says she thought, not only about forgiveness, but also about guilt and responsibility, all of which is here in terms of Marie's own sense of conscience, an extraordinary piece of art with a poignant social message. To inquire about Marie's other work or to write her your appreciation, e-mail [email protected].

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