February 2009

Rathanak Keo


This marks an author's first online publication Rathanak Keo is a Kundiman Fellow and his poems have appeared recently in Boxcar Poetry Review, Stirring Magazine, Shampoo, The Cortland Review, and Best of Mipo-Caf? Summer 2007 among others.

What I Haven't Closed    

You plant a kiss because my mouth is open.
A pie is stolen because the window is open.

I am not an iron pot, a hot stove, a rainy day.
You let yourself in because the door is open?

You leave me rust and a sink of dirty dishes.
Luckily the late night menu is still open.

You'll kill me, please do not debate this.
No umbrella, I am entirely wet in the open.

If you leave tonight return my keys.
When you return the door won't be open.

Swindler, flood this poem like moonlight.
I'll leave the window open.




You are the rain blessing the city streets.  
I am the umbrella whose breath is held

Tonight we are impeccable.

In the morning we can collect the pillows
off the floor and change the wrestled



Rathanak Keo: Poetry
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