February 2009

Chloé Yelena Miller


Chloé Yelena Miller has poems published or forthcoming in Alimentum Journal, Lumina,, South Mountain Poets Chapbook,, and Sink Review. Her manuscript, Permission to Stay, was a finalist for the Philip Levine Prize in Poetry. She teaches writing online for Fairleigh Dickinson University and edits Portal Del Sol. She received an M.F.A. from Sarah Lawrence College and a B.A. from Smith College.

Color of the Sea    

The seas are quiet on the map of Italy. I am not. If I plant bulbs,
I would be home. I would oil the porch door hinge, turn on the
back door light for you early—you aren't too late. I want to be
in that place where one sock loses itself, my desktop crowds
with poetry, and I lean far back in my chair, almost tip over. But
now, I roam. Study highway merges, tolls, arrive late.

We've mapped every inch of land.

The monotone waters offer no wake. I wake up into, from, these
thoughts. You are here next to me, only my socks are missing. I
am home, quietly in love, writing about the strade and vie that
lead to Roma during the Rinascimento. The porte welcome
visitors and residents. I spoon seasonal mint gelato into my
poems. We both taste it. We take off our boots at home.



Chloé Yelena Miller: Poetry
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