February 2009

Laurance Wieder


This marks an author's first online publication Laurance Wieder was born in NYC. His books include Words to God's Music: A New Book of Psalms (Eerdmans, 2003), The Last Century (Picador Australia, 1992), The Poets' Book of Psalms (Oxford, 1999), and Chapters Into Verse: Poetry in English Inspired by the Bible (Oxford, 1993). He lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, and reads and writes an afternoon news broadcast for WNRN.

Written on the Day Dead Ghosts Are Fed    

They came, flying down the red carpet,
Ate, paid their respects, and went home,
Each with a small bag of favors:
A bracelet, a mirror, a comb.
That night, the rare sound of rainfall.
Tomorrow, then New Moon, then Spring!

I'd like to stay and hear your dreams
But what you see is what it seems:
Today awakens in you, or you're taken.



Laurance Wieder: Poetry
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