August 2010

Morgan Harlow


Morgan Harlow's poems, fiction, and other writing can be found in War, Literature & the Arts, the Tusculum Review, Washington Square, Descant, Seneca Review, Contemporary Literary Criticism, and elsewhere.

Bird and Tree    

Today a bird flew into the yard and landed on the tree we almost cut down, the one
that is thin with one dead branch arching over the fence.

A scrawny kind of bird, a wren or sparrow, or a chickadee perhaps, common and
cheerful. Look, you can see it now.



Where It Is Written on the Back of an Envelope    

A leaf was folded to hold what
otherwise might disappear
a pouch in which to gather some
a satchel for carrying more

A picture a traveler drew
to remember what was set out for
a kind of plant, an animal

not forgetting  

from there the first letter,
a speech, and drawings
on a cocktail napkin

folded into an envelope

recovering primal
the art
of remembering.



Morgan Harlow: Poetry
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