August 2010

Mark Vogel


Mark Vogel has short stories recently appearing in Cities and Roads, Knight Literary Journal, Whimperbang, and Our Stories. His poetry appears in Poetry Midwest, English Journal, Cold Mountain, Dark Sky, and other journals. He is Professor of English at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina.

A Spring Clock    

It is not like the drama builds
            to throbbing crescendo.
Just a progression—
            expanding buds saying
            when the ducklings will come—
when the world will be different.



Reading Robert Creeley    

The experience of experience—
not documenting or creating scrapbooks,
not boxing or shelving.

No—the texture of alien new language,
not frozen travelogue bent by worn form.
No—the intimacy of speaking with the mouth sewn shut.

An evolving touch, surprised but not startled.
Not dad pale and rouged in the shiny casket,
like he'll be gone forever.

Only for now (a cry)—revelation that startles, and caresses,
the half seen made concrete—
amazing, the right breast bigger and more responsive.



Mark Vogel: Poetry
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