November 2010

Curtis Bauer


Curtis Bauer Curtis Bauer has poems and translations forthcoming in Barrow Street, The American Poetry Review, 32 Poems, Circumference, and Fulcrum. His first book, Fence Line, won the John Ciardi Poetry Prize and was published by BkMk Press in 2004. He is the publisher of Q Ave Press Chapbooks and teaches Creative Writing and Translation at Texas Tech University.

Stupid Job    

I'm a liar. It's not a job
that pays well but I am
my own boss. My wife
brushes teeth. Hers. She
flosses, too. I've asked her
to do mine. Get a job,
she tells me. I have one.
I'm a liar, I tell her. We
look at each other, as if
we were paintings, as if
looking would make clear
some deeper meaning,
make us smarter, or at least
feel better about ourselves.





Curtis Bauer: Poetry
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