November 2010

Marge Piercy


Marge Piercy Marge Piercy has published 17 poetry books, including What Are Big Girls Made of, Colors Passing Through Us, and most recently, The Crooked Inheritance, all from Knopf, and in March the second volume of new and selected poems The Hunger Moon. Her 17 novels include Woman on the Edge of Time, He, She and It, and most recently, Sex Wars. Sleeping With Cats is her memoir.

I Have Loved You Long, And Often    

We have rutted our way through the years
rising languidly as balloons up, up
all the way to the serene lake
of the moon to swim like unhurried
fish in its quicksilver half light.

We have clawed at each other
as if we were stubborn doors
that must be pried open to let
us in to roomfuls of molten pleasure
where all troubles would drown.

We have made love and lust
in a zooful of positions. Have
climbed in and out of each other
nimble as monkeys. Have ridden
through sunlight and storms

where thunder shook the bed
till it broke. Sometimes fierce,
sometimes tentative or tender,
we still study each other's bodies,
novels we don't want to end.



Marge Piercy: Poetry
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