November 2010

Bernard Henrie


Berrnard Henrie Bernard Henrie is a currency day trader living near Los Angeles. His work has earned two Pushcart nominations. Mark Doty selected his poem as second best for the year in the recent Interboard Poetry Competition (IBPC). He's a foreign film buff.


Is the June weather holding?
The gypsy moth ringing the pond
and Bradford pears reflecting  
on the water in lustrous profusion?

Arcturus and Castor prettiest
of the evening stars circle
like two girls kissing for fun.

I will drive out if you can find
a place quiet as folded birds.

I remember as though yesterday
you walked naked to our rooms
as a flight of Waxwings flew-up
into the sulphur yellow dusk and
you cast yourself recklessly to me.



Bernard Henrie: Poetry
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