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Derek JG Williams

Derek JG Williams

Derek JG Williams puts words into rows both long and short. He is an M.F.A. candidate at UMass Boston. His poems and prose are published or forthcoming in Best New Poets 2013, H_NGM_N, CutBank Literary Magazine, Bellingham Review, RHINO, Main Street Rag, Knockout Literary Journal, and Nailed Magazine among others.

Lake On Cream Hill

A boy casts from shore.

As the line anchors his body,
the body anchors the shore.

Line spooling and unspooling,
his arm swings like a pendulum,

like a metronome;
the hypnotic rise and fall.

He mimics the flies, their
newly hatched gamboling.  

If he lets it, the boy will learn
water teaches patience.

We wait with him.
The sun slips behind a cloud.

We wait for the electric
surge of the set hook,

line wavering, sending
off tightrope-walking

droplets of lake; the trout
slashed through with pink

and green leaping high
enough to split the sky open.


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