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Yim Tan Wong

Yim Tan Wong

Yim Tan Wong is a Kundiman Emerging Asian American Poets Fellow and holds an MFA from Hollins University. Her poems have appeared recently in or are forthcoming from Little Patuxent Review, Tahoma Literary Review, A capella Zoo, Phoebe, RATTLE, Sakura Review, Redactions, Tidal Basin Review, Mascara Literary Review (Australia) and Crab Orchard Review among other journals.

To Itself, A Sycamore Sings

In every direction
except mine
and oranges
crunch and mix
This month's sun
droops, yet still
without warmth
it warms me
Each cold wind
drives me brown
If lucky, yellowish
Branches blanched
trunk exposed
woodpile soon
Every shade
of falling
sky, bird, dusk
shines, outshines
My bare twigs
bear thunder strikes
derange flocks
My darkest
second, the last
leaf, before
it falls, how
I will cling
Never was
the world
so electric
caustic, so
near as now
as this dull
pulse slows,
just when
the world is
mine, mine
to leave.


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