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Jane Medved

Jane Medved

Jane Medved is the author of Deep Calls to Deep (forthcoming from New Rivers Press) and the chapbook Olam Shana Nefesh (Finishing Line Press). Recent work has appeared in Mudlark, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Cimarron Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, and New American Writing. She is the poetry editor of Ilanot Review, an online literary journal based in Tel Aviv.

I Didn't Think Twice

before I gave away my grandmother's
diamond, cut and polished beyond
recognition, which is just as well,
since I hated her. I don't even have
that many memories. I know she had
tight, white hair and a bowl of hard
green candies. I might have imagined
the plastic on the couch. My aunt said
those girls were beautiful, but helpless,
and yes, she was married to a travelling
salesman. There are pictures of this,
so you could say she was brittle, but not
always alone. I remember she liked
to tell me I couldn't possibly be hungry,
and my elder sister refused to go there.
To this day I have a dislike of old ladies,
even myself. She died in the hospital
where I never had to see her. There must
have been a funeral, everyone settled
in orderly rows. I must have been there.
There isn't much left of her. Some flow
blue china that no one is allowed to touch,
and a polished end table in my father's
house. It has a hidden compartment
designed for books. Anne of Green Gables
is disintegrating there. Once I put a glass
on its bare wooden top. It left behind
a perfect white circle. My father still
points to it with clenched teeth.
Do you see this? Do you see what you did?


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