August 2002

Michael Foster


Michael Foster grew up and was educated in North Carolina. He has lived in the Atlanta, Georgia area for a number of years. His poems have appeared in a variety of print and online journals and in several anthologies.
Hotel Lobby   

A woman who looks like
someone you know
is coming down the stairs
again, the third time
you reckon, in under five minutes
descending the stairs
from the mezzanine over
and over without going up
without visibly going up
each time walking
as some women can
moving her body
forward while seeming
to move her knees
and thighs, hips
following, sidewise
black stockings, black skirt
held mid-thigh in her dominant
hand, appearing to move
east while she comes
straight toward you, southerly,
unswervingly, closing fast
this time the third time
in under five minutes.



Michael Foster: Poetry
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