August 2002

Robert Nazarene


Robert Nazarene's poetry has appeared in The Beloit Poetry Journal, Boulevard, Callaloo, Crazyhorse, Ploughshares and elsewhere. He is Editor-&-Chief of Margie/The American Journal of Poetry.

If you're having some trouble making sense of it all—sit
down beside me on the curb, I'll explain: the reflections

of silvery wings glazed onto mirrors, of aerialists
tumbling to earth. Listen.

These are the sounds of human children,
on fire. Listen to the sound of jets, roasting

a playground. Pull up some sidewalk
beside your Uncle Sam. Listen

for the donkey chained to a fence—braying.
No time left
for piano lessons.

And I in my kerchief and ma in her cap.
Having just been awakened: black coaches,

                                               gray vests.



Robert Nazarene: Poetry
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