August 2002

Cecilia Woloch


Cecilia Woloch is the author of Sacrifice (Cahuenga Press, 1997); Tsigan: The Gypsy Poem (Cahuenga Press, 2002); and Late, forthcoming from BOA Editions in 2003. She is the director of Summer Poetry in Idyllwild, a week-long celebration of poets and poetry held each July in the San Jacinto Mountains of Southern California, and recently joined the faculty of the M.F.A. program in Creative Writing at New England College. A resident of Los Angeles for over 20 years, she'll be relocating to Atlanta in the fall of 2002, with her husband, the poet Thomas Lux.
Bluegrass Rhapsody  

for Ben

This is the green we grew up in: humid blue of the blur of our adolescence;
weedy dark. These are the roads we drove into the country with whomever had
sweet, cheap wine. This is the sky of watery silk under which we wrecked our
hearts, cried out; the song of gnat and firefly and wasp and dove and frog.
Here is the place I chose exile from, sharp-hearted, sure of some other
world. And still, how it takes me back. How you grip the wheel and laugh,
don't say Remember. Don't say anything.



Lasswade, Midlothian: Dusk  

Crow, I cried, I need to talk to you.
The whole sky lurched.
Black wings. Most bitter trees
I've ever seen. Wild daffodils.
Here is a world
that is just as the world was world
before we named it world.
Here is a sky that screams back at me
as I rush toward it, darkening.



Cecilia Woloch: Poetry
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