August 2006

Alexios Rigas Antypas


Alexios Rigas Antypas This marks an author's first online publication Alexios Antypas was born in Munich, Germany, and has lived in Budapest, Hungary since 2000. He teaches environmental policy at Central European University. His poems have appeared in Poetry International, The Bitter Oleander, The Spoon River Poetry Review, Controlled Burn, Bayou, and other journals.
Village Idiot    Click to hear in real audio

The approaching storm makes the flies crazy. They engulf his head in
a buzzing shroud. The first few raindrops are already falling. An ox
leans over the wooden fence, his eyes a reservoir of mute objections.
The villagers are all dying in ways they will never share with each other.
They haven't told him anything and he can only guess the provenance
of his despair. He runs down the deserted lane past the houses of his
mother, grandmother, the artist who conceived him, to the village
square where he finds nothing and nobody. Just the big white silence,
the margin in which I'm scribbling in the blood of forbidden devotion.




Alexios Rigas Antypas: Poetry
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