August 2006

David Panzarino


David Lauer Panzarino This marks an author's first online publication David Panzarino is a waiter in Boston, his birthplace. He is currently enrolled in the Extension School at Harvard University.
The Cone Cozy    Click to hear in real audio

How the dots of light, in orange
I have no idea.
It scrounged around the central smile
With distinguished wine and beer.
No chance, just change blossomed.
Home on the range
Opened a can after a fire.
This boy would write himself
Into the security program
Of a large company.


Paper Bit    Click to hear in real audio

What should be slates flow
With whatever lends growth
And spoons up the side of the bowl.

Your caravan was sponged
like the dual-purpose
freshness-safety tab,
So grab her long purse.

And bite, bite down
On roulette marvels under ground.
Please wear fringe and dance around,
With your modern bobcat.


Attempt At Erasing Stew    Click to hear in real audio

I was doing what I was told
For the woman I love.
Beyond that, I'm too old
And it's up to you.
But I can attest to
Chalk dust, piercing spirit,
Rabbit skin glue.
Let every man in the family
Munch out on a raw vidalia onion
In front of their children,
As long as there are children and
sweet onions.
But don't erase the stew.



David Panzarino: Poetry
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