May 2007

A.V. Christie


A.V. Christie's first book of poems Nine Skies (University of Illinois Press) was a National Poetry Series winner in 1996. Her most recent book is The Housing (Ashland Poetry Press, 2004), winner of the McGovern Prize. Her poems have appeared in Agni, Poetry, Crazyhorse, Ploughshares, Prarie Schooner, and the Seneca and Iowa Reviews.

Behave, behave we tell ourselves
but alas, the prefix repeatedly suggests

by or near, on around or over
          —as in besmear—

suggests to a great or greater degree—thoroughly—
and the have part
is of no help

when prefix is meant to intensify the having—

we know it should be the utmost holding in of
          —as in without—

but doesn't it point always to excess
          —all bedecked, beribboned,
               besotted, bereft—

means also at, upon, across, bestride, against
to make or cause to be
          —as in befriend—

to affect, afflict, provide excessively
          —to bedevil, beloved.



A.V. Christie: Poetry
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