May 2007

James B. Nicola


James B. Nicola's poetry, winner of a Dana Literary Award and published in over a dozen journals, will soon appear in Illuminations, Nimrod, Art Times, The Wisconsin Review, and Iron Horse. James is the author of Playing the Audience (Applause Books, 2005) which won a CHOICE Award.

The Gate

I once saw in the middle of a field,
I mean quite in the middle of nowhere,
A gate. On one side stretched for miles the field;
The other, the same field. I came across
This gate spying it from neither direction,
Though how that can be possible, you ask
As I did. Yet it was as if the gate
Asked me, while I was hovering above
(Or buried under?) Which side of the gate
Do you want to be on?
Then I—I woke.

You see how dreams make all things possible,
Even a third side of that nagging gate,
And its illogical recurrent query,
The daily basis on which we all live.



James B. Nicola: Poetry
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