May 2007

Carol Levin


Carol Levin's chapbook, Sea Lions Sing Scat, was a semifinalist in Finishing Line Press' 2006 Open Chapbook Competition and will be published by them this year. Her chapbook, Red Rooms and Others, is pending from Pecan Grove Press. Ms. Levin's poems have appeared or are forthcoming in the The Massachusetts Review, Rock Salt Plum Review, Seattle Woman, Third Coast, The Seattle Review, The Comstock Review, and in Issue 16 of The Cortland Review. Her poems have been performed as a choral work in Seattle where she teaches the Alexander Technique.


You never play a lick twice
     the same way
in the sense the sky
     is never the same sky—

Meteors are metaphors
     in the same sense
nature flicks her finger—says,
     see how memory transforms
everything that's transpired.

     In some sense,
I'm lost in a sea, a diver
     trailing bubbles
casting away breath

until I sense unity in the tune
     and a riff of emptiness
I didn't even know
     fills in.



Carol Levin: Poetry
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