May 2007

Virginia Mix


This marks an author's first online publication Virginia Mix was born and raised in New York where she attended Columbia University and taught high school English. She currently resides in Portland, Oregon with her husband, Kevin, and their newborn daughter, Harper. Virginia is the copy editor and interviewer for The Burnside Review. She spends her free time changing diapers and reading from the collected works of Dr. Seuss.


He drives east, past row houses lined up
like obedient children, one indistinguishable
from the next. Past Zupans and Stumptown
and the crowd of hipsters smoking cigarettes
outside the Blue Monk. Drives to where paint
is chipping on tiny bungalows, where Oregon moss
spreads like a virus on driveways in multitudes
of phosphorescent greens. Parks his car
in a motel driveway, the neon sign half burned
out so it reads "ote" in hot red letters. And though
he forgot to say goodbye to his boys and his wife
and his partners at the firm, walks into a room that
smells of piss and stale popcorn, where the once orange
shag carpet is brown with shoe prints and spilled
beer, where the only exit lies beneath sprawling pines
tall as skyscrapers, where steady rain turns his white
oxford translucent. Where, face down, his legs
and arms splay over rotting leaves and decaying branches.



Virginia Mix: Poetry
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