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Austin MacRae recently completed his M.A. in English Literature at the State University of New York at Cortland. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Rattle, Unsplendid, Measure, The Formalist, The Raintown Review, Pivot, Blue Unicorn, Lucid Rhythms, 14 by 14: The Lean Sonnet Zine, The Chimaera, and elsewhere. The author of two poetry chapbooks, most recently Graceways (Modern Metrics, 2008). He also plays guitar and sings.

The Beaver Pond    

It shrank the first year of my father's illness,
the shore receding to a sunbaked hole.
Where water insects zigged and zagged, a stillness.
Where sunnies teemed below, a cracked clay bowl
held vanishings of my amphibious childhood
spent shin-deep in murk, my white legs socketed.
Assured of the eternal where I stood,
I hardly noticed when a dragonfly rocketed
by and marked the point of rupture, breach
of dam; the water dropped down stumps and ran
downstream, murmuring beyond my reach.
The held years drained away and death began
as any soul would have it, like a birth,
a green and yellow meadowing of earth.



Austin MacRae: Poetry
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