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Kirby Olson lives in the western Catskills where he teaches literature at SUNY-Delhi. His publications include books on Andrei Codrescu and Gregory Corso, as well as a novel, Temping (Black Heron Press, 2005). He is married to a Finnish woman and they have four small children together.

The Tree Was Green    

Up in the tree,
Is a red wheelbarrow upon which I thought I could depend.



Diamonds Are a Boy's Best Friend    

The sphere is thrown & its threads revolve
My boy pops it up
It's his first time up to bat
The shortstop catches it & he's out

The diamond is still as bees zigzag
My boy's cap has a curvilinear bill
And his shirt says on it, Braves
The world spins

Orbs shine in endless complexity
To infinity and beyond!
Yet here on this still diamond
Nine face nine

In the first game of their lives
And the fascination of the spinning orb
Holds us parents
In the levity of its gravity



Kirby Olson: Poetry
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