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Ryan Vine's Distant Engines received a 2005 Weldon Kees Award and was published by Backwaters Press. He's Assistant Professor of English at the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota, and has new work forthcoming in The American Poetry Review.

Snowbank Sherpa    

The mountain doesn't know
when you're trying to climb it,

and the world around it
doesn't wait for you to finish.

Ward the Snowbank Sherpa
says this is his first edict.

The second: watch your step.
Because if you fall from here

you'll fall forever.  
See, at this altitude, darknesses

are easily mistaken
for substance, and any pains

you may have will appear
as people, dark silhouettes

always approaching, always
climbing up behind you.

At summit, we'll be six feet higher
than the streets of Duluth,

and when cars pass, notice
their headlights roll below us

before their sound. Notice
the streetlight's hum.  

People will accuse you
of being high, you may feel

lightheaded. Listen: I want you
to know, if something should happen,

no one can save us up here.



Ryan Vine: Poetry
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