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Rob Walker, after a year in Japan, teaches and writes near Adelaide, South Australia. His work appears in a number of web- and print-based journals, his own poetry website, a full collection micromacro (Seaview Press, 2006), New Poets Ten (Friendly Street, 2005) and a chapbook, phobiaphobia (Picaro Press, 2007).

The Darkening Eucalyptic    

(a post-mortem)

the truckdriver from coopers knocked off the limb over the
driveway so I had to get the chainsaw out anyway it was
frighteningly easy after sectioning the amputated limb I
really got into it the husqvarna went through it like butter I
cut the V & everything & the whole tree fell across the
driveway exactly where I wanted it to go waving the screaming
machine like a lightsabre I cleaned up all the small branches
twigs & leaves then I sliced up the trunk like a salami no
more like a backbone each vertebra separated at the disc where
it had fallen like some giant completed 3D jigsaw puzzle lying
there like a snake chopped up with the spade when I cut the
stump red kino flowed freely as a jugular & I had the
irrational thought that I was murdering some ancient animal
then ben took those vertebrae downhill one at a time and now
they're neatly stacked up along the post-and-rail fence growing
redder daily accusing me every time I go down to the shed



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