May 2003

Clyde Kessler


Clyde Kessler Clyde Kessler has been working on a field guide to butterflies of the Blue Ridge Parkway with photographer Bruce Grimes. The manuscript is under review at University Press of Virginia. His poem "Spear Point" was chosen for a Peer Award in the online journal Prairie Poetry in 2002.


I left my children in a town on a lake
in a flurry with one box of clothing
and some crackers wrapped in a napkin.
It was like a news special on abandonment,
the snow came down in a madness,
the wind shook a shrubby field.  A flock
of white geese wheeled from the shore.

There was nothing to confess.  I spied
the sun far off, a long sold pasture
the color of a pale lichen stone, the snow
was not sticking there yet, and the light was thin.
I had ten billion more winters in my nerves
and I could ride as if I burned away.




Clyde Kessler: Poetry
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