May 2003

Robert Nazarene


Robert Nazarene's poetry has appeared in The Beloit Poetry Journal, Boulevard, Callaloo, Crazyhorse, Ploughshares and elsewhere. He is Editor-&-Chief of Margie/The American Journal of Poetry.


Mysticism.  The revolt of the soul
against the intellect.

—William Butler Yeats

Like mice studying to be rats—psycho
analysts: hubris, refrigerated.

Good doctors, they, of the clammy
hands & tingleless spines—archangels
of man's only hope for salvation:
                           fairy tales.

You declare:  A bit much.


Which brings us round to the beginning
brings us round to the end:

a faceful of ego,
a plateful of id.
Cold Mother.  Gold Father.  Time's up.

Get to bed.




Robert Nazarene: Poetry
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