May 2003

Benjamin Jaffe Shepard


Benjamin Jaffe Shepard Benjamin Jaffe Shepard is a high school senior in Washington, D.C. He will be attending the University of Chicago next year. The author of a cornucopia of unpublished plays, novels, and poems, Benjamin is currently writing a farce.

Pillowfight    Click to hear in real audio

Gymble and Gwmble were the freedomnevertucked of the night,
gymbling and gwmbling into a endless stuffed pillfright.
Long and bitterfearsome was the yar, over the flowercouches and into the nar.
Smosh and smlack on the naïfless inchon of Gymble. Flick and glick onto Gwmble.
Flick and glick onto Gwmble did Gymble, for Gwmble slowslov, Gymble nimble!

Outwindows, night banshashed and grustied, it frowled and nowled into the dark.
Inwindows, Gymble and Gwmble smick and glick at each other's wark.
They frocksmock into the depths of the fitilmillings, glymming and glangling
like twelve kinderhookers of the finest fligor luking each other with nifts a plenty.
Goobered and gaggered they staggered, mimblemimbling onto Gymble's lenty .

And night scretched! Night scretched "I am night! I am frought! I am forever outlivered!"
But Gymble and Gwmble scretched at the night "We are foreverfreedomnevertucked!"
They shouted with the grimbles at their backs! They shouted like Grackle's flacken flack!
And Gymble and Gwmble tiyled and philed: yar into the fearsome hours of night,
yar into twelveteen eternities--all plighted and knighted like a moogle of fortflight.

O, how eternity fimbols down; it fimbols and fymbols into the dust, sost as a widow.
Dawn yerches the edges, dawn yerches into the forever yar: soon forever is forever lidow.
Lidow as the tears of Babel's noft. Lidow as the gazelost of a goomite's groft.
Gymble and Gwmble gone into the milky dawn! Elvish and lost: yar's frosty lost.
Gymble and Gwmble gone into the milky dawn! Teers and leers: goodbyes soft!




Benjamin Jaffe Shepard: Poetry
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