May 2003

David Simpson


David Simpson earned his M.A. in Creative Writing at New York University. His work has appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review, Washington Square Review, Dialog, and other small magazines. He currently lives in Berwyn, Pennsylvania.

An Interrupting Thought    

... 353.  354.  I'm counting.  It's a way
Of meditating.  Up from the muddy bottom she
Rises into view, carp, old codger,
Gluttonous grubber of insects
And vegetation, cranky barbeled
Robber of fish eggs.  She has returned
To these polluted, shallow waters in April
To spawn, to spread her ubiquitous,
Sticky roe on plantlife
And detritis to hatch in six days.

Oh, cyprinus carpio,
Catholic crowder of other life,
How can I blame you
For your carpe diem attitude?
Bluntnosed, smallmouthed, thicklipped
Mistruster, in some way,
Do you know the aphorism we use:
"The best defense is a good offense"?  But you
Must admit three billion's a crowd (present company
And all that).  But, sometimes,
I can see nothing but you.  371.  372 ...




David Simpson: Poetry
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