Issue 51

acrylic and gold leaf on canvas
by Liz DeNiord
Liz Hawkes-deNiord's recent paintings and prints explore the distillation of memory, dream, allegory and emotion into impressions using paint and mixed media. Her large abstract works represent "reflective response to world events and personal reflections; they present a visual interpretation through vivid color."
Editor's Note

"There is no 'This equals that,'" says Liz Hawkes deNiord, Cortland Review's cover artist, who journals and sketches her way in visual language to an abstracted painted image that she hopes transcends and provides universal explanations.

What poet doesn't understand that's exactly what happens on his page or on his way to it?

Liz Hawkes deNiord studied fine arts and Asian studies in college and developed her sometimes edgy, sometimes sublime painting style originally in oils and works now with viscous acrylics and metals. Additionally, she trained as a ceramicist and print maker "both of which," she admits, "enter into the painting as different ways of thinking, effecting problem solving and paint application." Her art is an attempt to understand world conflicts and social issues, and the "most difficult and exciting part of painting," she says, "is paying attention to the inherent message developed in each work." She teaches art in Brattleboro, Vermont, and shows her paintings regionally, in journals, and some have been selected for covers of books. They can also be viewed online at

It is that kind of "paying attention" that has produced every piece of work in our Issue 51, from Michael Lauchlan's "Love in Wine Country" to Hannah Fries' "Love at Formel's Junkyard."

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