James Grinwis

James Grinwis
James Grinwis has two books appearing in 2011: The City from Nome (TNPR Press), and Exhibit of Forking Paths (Coffeehouse Press), which was selected by Eleni Sikelianos for the National Poetry Series. Founder of Bateau Press, his poems have appeared in a range of journals including Columbia, The Literary Review, New Orleans Review, Lungfull, and Quarterly West.

There Were Women In Black Dresses

There were women in black dresses.
The tea house, filled with black dresses.

A wolf heads north, one of his ears missing.
The man on the balcony collects jade shards

and small, burnt glasses. A storm cloud comes,
the people move under the tent.

It is like Gatsby's tent, but the residents are still,
listening. There is no snake in the wind.

A man in the corner has his head in his hands.
A man in the field is standing, the rain

has made things clean, washing down his face
and parachute.

A woman rides from the valley, a fire in a small canister
cupped in her hand. The horizon grows out of it,

and where it ends there is a red loom, a tall person
spinning clothes for the horizon.