Michael Lauchlan

Michael Lauchlan
Michael Lauchlan has lived in and around Detroit his entire life. His poems have appeared in many publications including New England Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, The North American Review, Apple Valley, Boxcar, Cider Press, Tampa Review, and Innisfree, and have been anthologized by Wayne State University Press (Abandoned Automobile) and Oxford Press (A Mind Apart).

Love In Wine Country

Phosphorescent charges have blown
the quilted dark off a tiny town.  
A thousand starlings leap from fields
around us and swirl into the clouds.  
Jays follow in squawking riot, then
finches green and gold and a storm
of hummingbirds, all aflutter as
from my fingers. I reach into your touch,
slip into the orange arms of a lily.
Pulsing green with each green breath,
vines and maples hold me to you
with their weightless gasping leaves.