Coby Self

Coby Self
Coby Self is a recent graduate of Texas Tech University, receiving a B.A. in English and mathematics. The Cortland Review presented him with his first publication opportunity.

She'll Show You On Grandpa's Land

Turn on the Grizzly out at Grandpa's land,
and drive on through the pasture with your girl
who's sittin' on the back, she'll see the band
of cows that graze near where the cattails curl.
Now drive so she can see the pond near which
canoes just drift away with wind and waves
and where you found the fishing's vast and rich
and then to where you found those great dark caves.

Now take her past the creek and through the gate
and in the woods with deer awake, you'll see
this is the part where she will set the bait:
amid this garden, only you and she.
On silent land, go on, and she'll show you
something completely new about you too.