Alegria Albano Imperial

Alegria Albano Imperial
Alegria Albano Imperial is published as both journalist and poet. She won honorable mention in the 2007 Vancouver Cherry Blossoms Haiku Invitational and 2007 Passager Poetry Contest. Her essays are read on and Timeless Spirit Magazine. She is working on two novels started during courses on fiction writing at NYU's Center for Continuing Education.

The Wait

on the window
the bird seed beveled
a choppy morning
where the soughing wind
mimics whispers
snagged among caricature
of trees

ruined by the rain
shredded under steps
leaves trapped in gutters—
thoughts flung on
rain puddles where the rain
drops as rings blurring
the sky

in the lilac bush
the ruckus of the sparrows
sinks into the sunset
in the brambles a spider web sags—
we wait for the darkness
to open up for the moon