May 2010

Antonia Clark


Antonia Clark is a medical writer and editor in Burlington, Vermont, and is co-administrator of an online poetry workshop, The Waters. Her poems and stories have appeared in many print and electronic journals, including The 2River View, MiPOesias, The Missouri Review, The Pedestal Magazine, Rattle, and Soundzine.

Opera Nights    

That icy season in rented rooms,
days of pale and watery light,
we might have lost one another

if not for how, each night, we listened
through papered walls to her aria
of despair, the heavy strains
of his grievances

how, without a libretto,
we followed the convoluted weave
of their lies and disguises, the songs
of the foolish, the faithless—
he always accusing, demanding,
she promising, pleading

how, in the interlude, we'd turn
to one another, breathless
with their need, their desperate longing

how, in our release, we cried out
with him, Non so più cosa son!
I no longer know who I am!

how in the end, we sobbed
with her, Lascia ch'io pianga.
Let me weep, oh, let me weep.



Antonia Clark: Poetry
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