May 2010

Phillip Sterling


Phillip Sterling's most recent poetry collection is Abeyance, winner of the Frank Cat Press Chapbook Award 2007. Other books include Quatrains (Pudding House, 2006), Significant Others (Main Street Rag, 2005), and Mutual Shores (New Issues, 2000). He is the founding coordinator of the Literature In Person (LIP) Reading Series at Ferris State University, where he has taught for many years.

Real Estate    

No one in the front window
notes who's passing. No one
is waiting. No one worries
that the bathroom light is left on.

All summer the yard rejoiced
at the sound of a neighbor's mower.
Now, though no one thinks to ignite
the pilot beneath the furnace,

the house stands handsomely in snow.  
Ask about my brother; I will tell
how spring and death approached
together. Ask me about weather,

and I will point out the gables,
eaves he painted painstakingly.
And the furniture, how it swells
in my close apartment.    



Phillip Sterling: Poetry
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