May 2010

Liz Dolan


Liz Dolan's first poetry collection, They Abide, was published by March Street Press in 2009. A five-time Pushcart nominee, Liz has won a 2009 fellowship as an established professional from the Delaware Division of the Arts. In addition, a yet to be published manuscript, A Secret of Long Life, has been nominated for the Robert McGovern Prize, Ashland University.

How to Deconstruct a Home    

Like his ramshackle homilies
preacher Mulligan fabricated  

his graceless cottage by the sea
adding on one room at a time.

Laying asbestos tiles he belittled
Nellie, his wife, who sought refuge

on her knees among foxglove, broad beans
and yellow squash. Built too close to the ground

now floors sag like worn out phrases
tree roots choke pipes like calumnies.

The ochre bulldozer bludgeons
the red shingled roof, eats the war-surplus-

painted walls for breakfast
the windows for lunch

the pipes for supper
then chews and scatters the remains.

By nightfall Nellie's ghost keens
not for her preacher but for her

salt-encrusted cottage, her gone-to-seed
garden. Her billowing skirt

luffs over the churned plot
like a shrouded sail.



Liz Dolan: Poetry
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