May 2010

    Issue 47


  Red Circle #1

Red Circle #1
18" x 24" x 1", mixed media.

Frank Shelton

Often, I begin my paintings with a grid. This gives me a sense of order and structure in which I can explore the surface. It's like my DNA, which is not always apparent. The white plaster surface is a reference to the materiality of this world. I have used the circle as a symbol of completion. I am painting on a wood panel covered with plaster and multi-layer of colors (sometimes as many as 15–20).

 Editor's Note

Frank Shelton's "Red Circle #1" graces TCR's 47th cover. No one who ever tried to write would disagree with Frank Shelton who says, "while both the product and process are essential . . . it is the process that sustains me artistically." Frank received his M.F.A. in Painting from the University of Memphis. He has taught fine arts over thirty years at the elementary, high school, junior college, college, and university levels. Presently, he lives in Roswell, Georgia and Abiquiu, New Mexico. Look for more of his artwork

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