May 2010

James Everett Wright


This marks an author's first online publication James Everett Wright was raised in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky, and his poems have appeared in the Evansville Review, Alimentum, and other magazines. He was a 2009 Fulbright Fellow to Malaysia and currently tutors ESL writers for the Quality Writing Center at the University of Arkansas.

Quail Calling    

From the edge of oak and slashed-out
silage in the fields, quail called.
A blunt crop of autumn light nicked
the leaves, darkening as it went,
cooling on the ground. My father moved

his iron chair out in the yard
and lit a cigarette, took
a long draw with puckered lips
and set to whistling back to the trees.

From within a cloud of smoke,
his cheeks pulsed for over an hour
with a female's measured call.

How the old man ever held still enough
I will never know.



James Everett Wright: Poetry
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