May 2010

James Owens


James Owens's books of poems are An Hour is the Doorway (Black Lawrence Press, 2007) and Frost Lights a Thin Flame (Mayapple Press, 2007). He lives in New Carlisle, Indiana.

La Vie Privée    

Each day rustles down with the other days,
papers in a yellow folder.

Now and then, someone comes looking
for the note he surely left himself last year.

No one can describe things
like the peculiar relief in the afternoon light

remembered from childhood,
just before one of those brief thunderstorms

shook itself out over the dusty trees.
No one can describe those things well.

Sometimes—less often in winter,
more in the heat of summer nights—

a cry bursts out in the darkness.
We try to guess who screamed.

Enfin, the fat folder, too heavy to carry,
scatters its pages into space, scrubbed

and echoing and without word or thought.



James Owens: Poetry
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