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Stephen J Boyer

Stephen J Boyer

Stephen Boyer is the author of Parasite (Publication Studio), # UploadingNature Poem (Fields Press), GHOSTS (BentBoyBooks), and The Form of Things (2nd Floor Projects), and with the help of countless others, compiled the Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology.

### Feed Me Banana Man


                            Only the marshes are fecund.

                                             —André Gide

                            (quote found in Mike Kelley's hall of patriarchy)

I crawled thru the square into the giant triangle and pressed my forehead against the circle
                          maybe it'll turn out to be a gameshow
             a nuclear finale
                          colors pass across a screen
                                        familiar pain
                                        the people are damaged, shy
                                               seek comfort
                                               all new adventure
confetti flying
the world flattens into a horizon line
             radiant being collective product
                          if I am lost in a common feeling
                                        scream: bladder
sketched baboons ass to ass
             spirit dominance
                          the Geiger counter alarm ringing in myspace
                          nag nag nag follower of genitals
             Fukushima echoes out spells
help me reconstructed history!!
             I am sneezing moldavite
                          myspace isn't like a flower
                                        virginal door of perception
your child ingesting poison
             sister, your fool
                         and their point of view
             I want to tell you, "this hurts" in a family home video uploaded to youtube
                          the long beep at the end of sound
                                                   infinite vibrational rumble
                                        waste piled within ecosystems
I like the smell of trees for sell on sidewalks at Christmas time

but instead of cut trees

American families should carve out a patch of lawn

and plant a tree

native to their region

and as their forest grows

they can place stones on the ground

little pathways through the trees

a little privacy to hide the front door

and a little security for native species

so their childrens' children can explore the lungs of the earth

where possible slowly move houses into the branches

pick breakfast from windowsills

chirp with the birds

rub your turtle belly

dream up new definitions for the term "super power."


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